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“The Blue Collar Conservatism

agenda is something I've already

signalled I want to take forward

in government” 

—  Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP, UK Prime Minister


Blue Collar Conservatism exists to champion working people and develop a conservative agenda to benefit the voters and communities most neglected by Labour. Working people stand to benefit most from Conservative policies designed to maximise opportunity and empower them in how they live their lives. Beyond Brexit people will be looking for policies which will benefit them and their families, with priorities based on what matters most to them.

At a time when the public have never been more frustrated with politicians who seem more interested in pursuing a narrow metropolitan agenda, Westminster’s response is to become even more insular. If we do not grasp the future then more populist forces waiting in the wings will seek to stir up frustration without offering them a means of making things better.

Labour has abandoned working people with his ideological commitment to failed socialist policies which would destroy jobs and leave everyone worse off. Millions of traditional Labour voters have been let down and taken for granted by a party which does not understand their aspirations and ambitions for their families.

Yet the Conservatives must do more if we are to genuinely speak for the people who need us most. Jobs are up, wages are starting to rise and those on the lowest income have benefited most from tax cuts, however we must do more to understand the needs of modern Britain and be prepared to go further. The concerns of people about the number of police on their streets, the quality of their children’s schools and the difficulties in getting on the housing ladder are palpable and must be addressed if we are to genuinely create a country which works for everyone.

British politics has been through one of its most difficult periods, for trust to be restored we must give people back control of their lives through a positive Conservative agenda which enables them to feel secure in their everyday lives and maximises opportunity through a confident approach to our country’s future.





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