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Conservative Values, Practical Delivery

Blue Collar Conservatives are united by a belief in a practical conservatism which supports

working people who want to get on and make the very best lives for their families.

We believe in standing up for those measures which make a practical difference

to people and calling out those which don’t.

This practical approach is underpinned by our commitment to:


We believe in a fair and free society where justice is on the side of

the victims, not the criminals; where public institutions work with democracy, not against it;

where working people are happy to chip in to help the most vulnerable but also have control

over their lives and; where free speech is protected.



We believe working people stand to benefit most from a practical

conservative agenda that maximises opportunity and rewards hard work.


Starting with education, we must equip young people with the skills they need to get on in whatever they

choose to do.


We believe the Conservative Party should stand for self-empowerment and

the ability to get on in life no matter where you are at in life.


We believe delivering the best public services are fundamental what people expect from Government.


This means giving public sector workers have the tools to deliver and the resources they need.


We are committed to ensuring a growing and competitive economy as the only way in which public services can ever be properly funded.

Socialism means poor public services.



We believe in respecting the money which people work hard to earn.


Waste and mismanagement must always be tackled we must strive for the best and never be held back by bureaucratic inertia.


People should feel the benefit of the taxes they pay, whether it’s in the quality of the roads they use or the services on which they rely.

Spending should be prioritised on the interests of working people rather than hitting arbitrary targets internationally and domestically.


We believe people work hard for their money and should keep more

of it.


Not only does this benefit families by allowing them to prioritise what matters to them, but it benefits our economy and our high streets by ensuring they have more money to spend and businesses are more able to create jobs.


We believe in the good Government can do, but also recognise its limits and encourage choice and diversity in our society.


We believe creating jobs is fundamental to empowering people.


To be on the side of working people you must also be on the side of those companies which create the jobs on which they rely.


A globally competitive UK is means more opportunities for working people through growing businesses, more innovation and inward investment.

We must ensure that all parts of the UK benefit if we are ever to unlock our full potential.


We believe in a globally competitive United Kingdom as a force for good in the world as demonstrated through our Armed Forces, world services and charitable work.


We recognise the strength of the Union and are proud to be British, English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish.


We should have confidence in our country and our communities, whether we come from a coalfield or coastal fishing community, whether we are 1st generation or 50th we should be optimistic for the future and that our best days are ahead.


We must have confidence that a practical application of our values is how we deliver for every

voter who put their trust in us in the General Election. Those who did so for the first time did

not vote for us as a Labour-lite option. Labour failed them over many years.


We must have confidence in our conservative values and practical ways of applying them if we want to deliver for working people and reward the trust they have placed in us.

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